About VITEWelcome to the Vanuatu Institute of Teacher Education (VITE). VITE is a teacher training institution, the only one in Vanuatu. VITE currently offers training in both English and French for the diploma in teaching primary as well as the diploma in teaching secondary. It also offers in-service training under its In-Service Unit. Read about the Vision and Mission of VITE.

From College to Institute.. From its inception in 1962 as a humble trainer of English primary teachers, the original Kawenu Teacher Training College has evolved into what is today the Vanuatu Institute of Teacher Education (or Institut de Formation des Enseignants du Vanuatu in French), providing pre-service training for both primary and secondary teachers in either language of English or French, as well as providing in-service training for current teachers. Its status has changed from that of a college, to that of an institute. Read more details about the history of VITE.

Harmonization.. In 2009, the Vanuatu Institute of Teacher Education began a three-year journey of  a major reform process called 'Harmonization'. The Harmonization is one of the three strategic pillars of the Vanuatu Education Road Map (VERM) to address quality in education. The primary focus of the Harmonization was to restructure the academic programs of the institute. The Harmonization brought together all the programs and languages to create common course outlines, common assessment policies, common selection and entry procedures, common teaching practice procedures, and a common calendar. The duration of training which used to be two years, is now three years. The different divisions within the institute that used to be made up of four Sections - Primary English, Primary French, Secondary English and Secondary French, have now been removed and replaced by the creation of six subject Departments and an In Service Unit. The six departments are: (1) Education Studies Department; (2) Language Department; (3) Mathematics Department; (4) Science Department; (5) Social Science Department; and (6) PEMUA (PE, Music & Arts) Department. Click  here to view the new Harmonization Framework documents.

The Diploma.. Under the new 'harmonized' structure, the institute now attracts over 130 new trainees every year, and about the same number graduate at the end of a 3-year period. The Certificate which used to be awarded to primary trainees has now been upgraded to the Diploma. This means that all trainees who successfully complete their three year program are awarded the Diploma. The only difference is in how these qualifications are named:
- Diploma of Education (Primary), or DEPA, and
- Diploma of Education (Secondary), or DESA.
The French speaking qualification is:
- Diplôme de l'enseignement (Primaire), or DEPF and
- Diplôme de l'enseignement (Secondaire), or DESF.

Mailing Address.. The Principal
Vanuatu Institute of Teacher Education
PMB 9076
Port Vila, Republic of Vanuatu.